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Car seats are an essential baby gear, so it is important that you make the right choice and read reviews. The trick in reading car seat reviews 2014 is to pay close attention to detail. Most car seats are made to just comply with industry standards, but the best car seat 2014 is designed to exceed standards and deliver not just on aesthetics but also on functionality and ease of use.


It is easy to settle for products that look great, but since the primary objective of buying the best car seat 2014 is to make it easier for you to travel with your child, his protection has to be on top of your considerations, too. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when buying a car seat.


Buckle and harness systems

There is the three-point harness, the T shield, and the five-point harness. The five-point harness system has straps across the chest and hips and offers the best protection.


Infant Car Seat Base

Most car seats come with a base and a seat. The seat snaps into the base, which is just attached to the car using a seatbelt. Those with a base let you to take the baby in and out of the car easily; however, Consumer Reports claim that those without a base performed better in crash tests.


Compatibility with Strollers

You might want to check if it is compatible with some travel system strollers as well.


Comfort and Design

There should be adequate cushioning for your child, and the seat should be pretty easy to take in and out of the car. It should be lightweight and easy to install


Other Safety features

Most car seats make use of integrated steel and offers side impact protection and safe cell technology. The NHTSA implements a ratings system to help parents evaluate safety and ease of use.


Finally, remember that features such as adjustable canopies, built in toys, storage pockets, cup holders and removable head pillows add more value to your purchase.


Here are some of the best car seats 2014


ProductMax WeightPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Britax G4 Marathon Convertible Car Seat
best car seat reviews 2014
65 lbs$$
Diono RXT Radian Convertible Car Seat
120 lbs$$$$
Britax 90 Frontier Booster Car Seat
120 lbs$$$
Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat
65 lbs$$$
ProRide Recaro Convertible Car Seat
65 lbs$$
Maxi 70 Pria Cosi Convertible Car Seat
70 lbs$$


Britax G4 Marathon Convertible Car Seat


best car seat reviews 2014The Britax G4 Marathon Convertible Car Seat is designed with integrated steel bars to lower gravitational center, counteract forward rotation, provide resistance, and compress in case of a crash. It comes with energy-absorbing Tether Versa, Safe Cell Technology (base), side impact protection, premium low-latch connectors. It has a tangle-free 5-point harness system complemented by a Harness Ultra Guard System or HUGS. Britax G4 weighs 19.5 lbs with dimensions of 21 x 18. inches x 26 inches.

Despite not allowing an easy recline and not being foldable, it remains the leading items in its price range. Furthermore, users love the easy installation, additional safety features for the child, and the attractive design.

It is available in Cowmooflage, Kiwi, Onyx, and Pink Giraffe. If you want to purchase one of the best car seats 2014 that a lot of customers have put in a good word for, it is a great choice.

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Diono RXT Radian Convertible Car Seat


2Since it is the only car seat with a convertible booster (together with other products from the brand), Diono RXT Radian Convertible Car Seat is deemed another fine product in its category according to numerous car seat reviews 2014. This car seat model passed federal crash tests and industry standards and is made with top-quality materials such as steel alloy frames and aluminium sidewalls. It is built with a 12-position headrest, 5-45 lbs. rear and 20-80 lbs. forward, low-sitting profile, and rubberized bottom grips. It is equipped with Side Impact Protection features as well as memory foam and infant support cushions. It has a tangle-free 5-point harness and the manufacturer’s SafeStop energy-absorbing harness technology.

What many consumers like about the RXT Radian Convertible by Diono is that it is durable, foldable, and expandable. Additionally, it comes with an angled cup holder, machine-washable cover, and rear-facing connector straps. It is perfect for both longer travel periods and short road trips while promising additional comfort. The only downside to the product is that it can be a bit on the expensive side. However, considering all the advantages it comes with, the expense is worth it.

Diono RXT Radian Convertible Car Seat is available in Daytona, Plum, Shadow, Cobalt, Spring, Trekk, Rugby, and Storm.

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Britax 90 Frontier Booster Car Seat


3The Britax 90 Frontier Booster Car Seat is built with CLICKTIGHT Installation System and keeps in mind the safety of the child as top priority. The design also ensures comfort and convenience. Since it is engineered to distribute forces to lesser vulnerable areas in the event of a crash, there is ample protection for your toddler’s head, body, and neck. If peace of mind as you travel with your family is what you are aiming for, it is the car seat worth considering.

It is designed with an adjustable front recline, CLICKTIGHT Installation System, color-coded belt, reinforced head support, and comfort foam. Also, it is equipped with energy-absorbing Tether Versa, fixed armrests, Safe Cell Technology (base), EZ Buckle System (2 buckle positions, premium low-latch connectors, integrated steel bars, No Rethread Quick-Adjust Harness, and True Side Impact Protection.

For most consumers, what’s good about Britax 90 Frontier is that it can be converted to a booster seat, can be used by tall children (up to 57”), easy to install, entitles additional safety for the child, features an adaptable design that is ideal to growing children, has a thick lining, and is durable. Other than that, it includes a cup holder and a machine-washable cover. That said, even if it does not recline easily and is not foldable, it is still a favorite.

Britax 90 Frontier Booster Car Seat is available in Desert Palm, Congo, Cactus Flower, Zebra, and Onyx.

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Chicco Nextfit Convertible Car Seat


4Chicco Convertible Nextfit Car Seat is manufactured by the creators of KeyFit, which makes it stans out. Apart from being engineered for convenience and safety, it is especially designed to support the needs of the growing child. It boasts of exceptional features, which allows it to provide resistance and give an indication of correct seating angles.

It weighs 15 lbs. and comes with a 5-40 lbs. rear facing capacity and a 22-65 lbs. forward facing capacity. Additionally, it features 2 RideRight Bubble levels, 2-position chest clip, 6-position headrest, a 9-position ReclineSure Levelling System, integrated slide path, and the SuperCinch Exclusive Latch Tightener.

The car seat is preferred by numerous consumers because it includes adjustable shoulder straps, harness tightener, and a cup holder. It is perfect for travel. However, as the critics would put it, it would have been better if harnesses could be easily loosened or tightened and if it were foldable. Available in Rose, Mystique, Studio, and Juno, Chicco Convertible Nextfit Car Seat is one of the top car seats of its kind.

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ProRide Recaro Convertible Car Seat


5Manufactured by Recaro, a leading distributor of car seats, the ProRide Recaro convertible car seat is designed sleek and is made of high quality fabric. It has undergone tons of modifications by professionals for it to be ideal for the child’s safety in the event of a crash. Particularly, it can protect vulnerable areas such as face, head, neck, pelvis, and torso.

It features Cool Mesh Air Ventilation System, ergonomic seat, forward-facing and rear-facing options, No Rethread Easy Adjust 5-point harness, push-button latch system, Quick Pull harness (easy adjuster), Recaro Safety Stripe System, Side-Impact Racing-Inspired Protection, Soft Touch Head Restraint, and TrueLock.

The ProRide Convertible by Recaro can accommodate heavy babies. It comes with materials that are easy to clean; the cover is machine-washable too. The harness can be rather difficult to unlatch though and does not recline easily. It is also not foldable, and may not be compatible with the usual strollers.

ProRide Recaro Convertible Car Seat is available in Blue Opal, Aspen, Misty, Blaze, Riley, and Sable

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Maxi 70 Pria Cosi Convertible Car Seat


6The Maxi 70 Pria Cosi Convertible Car Seat is known for its perfect fit. It is quite comfortable and is designed to focus on protecting the child’s head during a crash. It comes with 9-40 lbs. rear and 22-70 lbs. forward and a deep rear-facing adjustment. Also, it is engineered with Flextech Construction System, one-click latch system, one-hand perfect-fit harness (height-adjustable), and Side Impact Air Protect Revolutionary Technology.

Despite coming with a harness that poses a challenge to unlatch and not having any buckling system at all, Maxi Pria Cosi is a popular car seat. It is easy to install, includes removable padding, and provides additional head and leg support.

It is available in Brown Leather, Black Leather, Grey Leather, Total Black, Bohemian Blue, Walnut Brown, Dress Blue, Steel Grey, Mineral Grey, and Sweet Cerise.

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Britax Infant B-Safe Car Seat


7As all other award-winning products from Britax, it is designed to provide superior safety. This car seat, particularly, is meant for infants. It features a cool front and is made to be extra comfortable. As shared in different reviews, best car seat 2014 reviews, it is considered on top of its class since it does not sacrifice the protection of the child while being easy on the pocket.  It comes with 2 buckle positions and harness heights, adjustable large canopy, energy-absorbing foam, level indicators, and removable comfort pads. Additionally, it is designed with rear, front, and side impact technology, and tangle-free 5-point harness.

The advantages of the B-Safe Infant Car Seat by Britax is that it is rather affordable, comes with breathable and easy to clean material, is compatible with most strollers, is easy to install, and is lightweight. That said, even though the product’s harness can sometimes be difficult to unlatch and does not recline, it remains a favorite.

Available in Sandstone, Red, and Black, Britax Infant B-Safe Car Seat is hailed for its simplicity as a top-rated car seat.

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